Antenna measurement services

We have a fully equipped laboratory for preparing devices and tuning antennas.
Communication testers, network analysers, spectrum analysers, microscopes, and soldering stations – we have them all. Antenna measurement services we provide can be paired with antenna design services – no matter if you are in early phase of antenna concepting or have a market ready device in hands.

Our inhouse Satimo Starlab measurement chamber is a reliable partner for all passive and active measurements. The antenna measurement system is continuously maintained and is calibrated for active 5G antenna measurements as well.

Antenna measurement chamber Satimo

Convergentia has recently updated the antenna measurement chamber. Today we are able to provide our customers the following passive and active measurements:

-Passive and active 600 MHz- 6 GHz
-Antenna Gain
-3D radiation pattern
-Carrier wave measurement 600MHz – 6 GHz
-2.4/5GHz WIFI
-2.4GHz Bluetooth
-Cellular 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, TRP & TIS

The right tools are a must when performing accurate antenna measurements.
Our Satimo Starlab by MVG is the core of our antenna measurement services. Satimo has been the industry since 1986 and being a global antenna measurement system provider their antenna measurement systems are widely used by device manufacturers.
We have purchased the industry standard hand and head phantoms from Speag. The antenna measurement chamber we use is frequently calibrated and maintained for optimal performance.

SPEAG head and hand phantoms for antenna measurements services.
Wrist phattom for watch antenna measurement services.