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Share your idea with us – we will bring our insight into the performance of your product.

Simulation-aided design solutions mean you get higher quality, lower costs and a faster time to market.


Product Insight

Simulations enable us to understand the characteristics of devices and tackle challenges before a single prototype is manufactured.

Cost Savings

Top quality from the very first prototype and a faster time to market. An economical and ecological way to prove your concepts and ideas.

Optimal Solution

We can evaluate multiple design alternatives quickly and efficiently. Find the best solution without extensive lab testing.

An accelerated device creation cycle and high product quality guarantee customer satisfaction.

Our Services


Structural integrity and robust mechanical construction is guaranteed, even in the most challenging conditions and the harshest environments, or in cases of misuse such as falls and impacts. Read more…


Ensuring user safety and comfort by harnessing the extensive experience of our thermal team in producing cooling solutions and thermal design optimisation for electronics using computational fluid dynamics simulation tools. Read more…


Our design expertise was gained in the design of dozens of ready-made wireless products that fulfill even the most challenging demands from the market. Read more…


Proper EMC design guarantees that your devices function as intended and will not interfere with other devices. We are able to analyse the challenges in your design before the first prototypes are even created. Read more…

Our Commitment

Insight engineering gathers scattered pieces of data to produce a convergent, coherent design. Combining the requirements of several disciplines leads to optimal product implementation. Our design methods utilise cross-functional simulation to help our customers to make the right decisions. Complete performance and quality can be verified before any major investments need to be made.

Together, we will unlock the full potential of your product, from simple solutions to even the most complex projects. We can also include design and verification services from other areas of expertise through our network of partners. Every discipline – in any combination – at your service.

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