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The antenna design company combining antenna theory with productization experience gives you the ultimate antenna solution.

Antenna design service

Our antenna design team is capable of creating you a new antenna concept from a scratch. We can also fix your current antenna design. The antenna design services we offer you is always customised based on your needs and gives you the ultimate antenna solution.

Antenna design in antenna laboratory

Antenna simulations

Antenna simulations enable us to understand the characteristics of devices and tackle challenges before a single prototype is manufactured. Our antenna solutions always include antenna simulation services.

Simulations can be used also in prototype phase to quickly check if a design change in hardware design or mechanics design has an effect to antenna performance.

Antenna simulation work ongoing

Antenna measurements

Our 5G capable Satimo antenna measurement chamber is a a very useful tool to verify the prototype performance when your device is in prototype and build phase. We highly recommend you to combine antenna measurement services with our antenna design services.

An accelerated device creation cycle and high product quality guarantee customer satisfaction.

Complementary Services


Antenna design company benefits hugely having a mechanics team. Our mechanics team can be called a concept creation team for a reason. Mechanics designer not only creates mechanics design but creates the concept together with the customer, industrial designer and antenna designer.

Industrial Design

Seamless fusion of industrial design, engineering and simulations. If you want to create a beautiful design without sacrificing the wireless performance we can give it to you.


Proper EMC design guarantees that your devices function as intended and will not interfere with other devices. We are able to analyse the challenges in your design before the first prototypes are even created. Read more…

Our Commitment

Insight engineering gathers scattered pieces of data to produce a convergent, coherent design. Combining the requirements of several disciplines leads to optimal product implementation.

Together, we will unlock the full potential of your product.

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